Hello, and welcome to the Hammer of the Blogs 2012 retrospective ebook, Mockalypse. The book costs whatever you think it’s worth; feel free to download and read, and come back and hit the PayPal link below for whatever amount you see fit, or nothing at all.

I ask only two things: 1) Leave some feedback — good or bad — either here or at the main site, Hammer of the Blogs; 2) Tell any three (3) people you know about the book, or better yet, leave a brief comment at your favorite discussion site.


Click on the link below, which will take you to another page, and then click that link. The PDF should load right up. You can also right-click and then left-click the “Save As” prompt, which will save the PDF to your hard drive.


Thanks for reading. Hope you enjoy it. Again, any and all feedback and word of mouth is appreciated.